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A Regular

Dieter has been coming to Epupa since I can remember. He pitches his tent, enjoys his meals on the deck (who wouldn’t?) and comes and goes as his pleases.

Months after his visit we will receive an envelope from Germany – a small treasure. You see, though not a professional photographer, Dieter has an eye for detail. And because he stays for extended periods, he is able to capture Epupa and its surrounds in a way that few people will ever get the privilege to do.

In the next few days (weeks maybe), we will share some of Dieter’s biggest finds and treasures. And maybe, just maybe, this will convince you that this little island of ours, is worth a visit or three.

©Dieter - Epupa Falls Lodge ©Dieter - Epupa Falls Lodge ©Dieter - Epupa Falls Lodge

And while Dieter may be our most regular guest… this guy… well he is the reason why we don’t recommend you from swimming in the river.