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Cunene Birds: Egyptian Goose

Egyptian Goose – Alopochen aegyptiaca

The Egyptian Goose is to Namibia like the Canadian Goose to England – we all know them but know nothing about their habits.

The dark patches on the eyes and breasts, as well as the the head and neck pattern, easily seperate these geese from the South African Shelduck.

Status: The Egyptian Goose is a common to abundant resident with widespread movements. (I remember an episode on ‘Groen’ some time ago where a study was made in on the Egyptian Goose and their tendency to flock to golf courses where water was abundant and the problems they caused.) According to the Robert’s Bird Guide, 2007, they have become a pest to some crop farmers.

Habitat: Inland waters, estuaries and cultivated fields.

Food: Mostly vegetable matter, especially grass shoots, rhizomes and tubers.

Call: The female EG gives a course strident pur-pur-pur honking while the male hisses loudly.

Breeding: Monogamous. Nests are build on the ground or in old stick nests of other species.

Writer’s Note: No matter the pest they have become in certain areas, there are few things as beautiful as the honking of an Egyptian Goose just before sunset & sunrise while completing a hike in the middle of the nowhere.

Egyptian Goose

Source: Robert’s Bird Guide, 2007

Photo: Copyright