Cunene Birds: Familiar Chat

Familiar Chat – Cercomela familiaris

Familiar Chat

The Familiar Chat is a drab grey-brown (Little Brown Job) with dark rufous coloured outer tail feathers and rump.

Status: The Familiar Chat is found on rocky hillsides like one finds along the bank of the Cunene River and at Epupa Falls Lodge.  They are fairly wide spread and resident in some areas.

Food: Mainly insects, but will also eat seeds and fruit.

Call: They make a chuck-chuck sound when alarmed.

Breeding: The Familiar Chat breeds along rocky outcrops, hills scarps and streambeds. They are especially common in the drier areas. In natural situations, the nest is hidden. They occassionally use the old nests of bee-eaters.

The nest is a rather large cup-shaped pad of soft material laid on a rough bed of either pebbles, thorns or clods of soil. The nest itself is build from finely shredded grass, hair, wool, string, rootlets etc. The nest is then warmly lined with animal hair.

The Familiar Chat is monogamous.

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