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Cunene Birds: Fork-Tailed Drongo

Fork-Tailed Drongo – Dicrurus adsimilis

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The male and female Fork-tailed Drongos are similar in looks and are most likely to be confused with the Southern Black Flycatcher. The deeply forked tail, robust bill and red eyes are diagnostic and distinguishes it from other Drongos and Flycathers.

The Drongo mobs large raptors and are very aggressive towards larger bird species. They are aboout 25 cm long and weighs 44 grams.

Status: The Fork-tailed Drongo is very common and often sedentary. They are found in pairs or a single birds.

They prefer woodland and are less common in forests. They will however enter suburban parks and gardens.

Food: Insects (mostly bees that they catch in flight), ticks from cattle and termites on the ground.

Call: A loud repetitive twik but they can make a whole jumble of sounds. They are alos known for mimicking other birds.

Breeding: They are monogamous. The Fork-tailed Drongo makes a thin, wide cup-shaped nest suspended between two branches.

Source: Roberts Bird Guide, 2007

Photos: Drongo in Flight – Copyright

Drongo on Branch – Copyright Albert Herbigneaux