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Cunene Birds: Go-Away Bird

Grey Go-Away Bird – Corythaixoides concolor                                                       (Alternative Name: Grey Lourie)

Grey Go-Away-Bird

The male and female Grey Go-away Bird is alike. Uniformly grey, the Grey Go-away bird is unlikely to be confused with any other bird in the bushveld.

Status: A common resident, mostly sedentary.

The Go-away Bird can be found in flocks in the non-breeding season. They roost in groups of 3 – 5 birds during the night.

They are mostly found in dry Acacia areas, but also in the Kalahari.

Food: The Grey Go-away Bird eats mostly fruit, but will also eat flowers, buds, invertebrates and nectar.

Call: A loud nasal go-away… in case you wondered where the name came from. (But I do think it is mostly hunters and photographers that tell them to go-away as they warn every living thing in the area that a human is near!)

Breeding: The Grey Go-away Bird builds a dove like nest in the upper branches of a tree, usually about 4 – 6 m from the ground. No effort is made to line the nest and eggs can often be seen from the ground. The Go-away Bird also makes no effort to hide the nest.

In sharp contrast to their general behavious, the Grey Go-away bird is very quiet around the nest and will disappear quietly when then nest is approached.

The Grey-Go Away Bird is probably monogamous.

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Photo: Copyright