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Cunene Birds – Helmeted Guineafowl

Helmeted GuineafowlNumida meleagris

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The male and female Helmeted Guineafowl are alike with bony casque on the head and red facial skin and blue upper neck.  The juvenile HG has a browner body with a smaller helmet while the upper neck and throat is still feathered.

Status & Habitat: 

They are locally (Southern-Africa) common but has decreased in some areas since the early 1980’s.

The HG is widespread and can be found anywhere from semi-desert areas to the outskirts of forests. They are not uncommon in grain croplands.


They are omnivorous and will eat anything from insects, seeds, bulbs, tubers to berries.


A staccato cackling. (A sound that one only has to hear once to know it for life as that of the HG.


The HG is monogamous and will nest in a shallow scrape , well concealed under grass or in a thicket.

Source: Roberts Bird Guide, 2007

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