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Cunene Birds: Wagtail

African Pied Wagtail – Motacilla aguimp

African Pied Wagtail


The African Pied Wagtail has black upper parts, white wing coverts and white underparts with a black breast band.

Status: They are found singly or in pairs near any body of water. The African Pied Wagtail is resident in the areas where they are found.

Food: Wagtails eat mostly invertebrates but will also eat seeds and household scraps.

Call: They make rather loud (for their size) tuneful whistles.

Breeding: The African Pied Wagtail breeds along rivers, estuaries or close to any body of water. Pairs nest solitary and are widely spaced.

Commonly used sites include; drift-wood, tree stumps over water or clumps of reeds in rivers and dams. Where man-made sites are available, they will readily use these too.

Both the male and female African Pied Wagtails build the nest. They build a rather big nest for their size in a cup-shape using weeds, roots, grass, flood debris, rags, strings and any other course material they can find. They line their nests with softer fine grass, hair and feather.

The African Pied Wagtail is monogamous.

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