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Electricity? Wi-Fi?

Does Epupa Falls Lodge have electricity?

No. Epupa as a town is not on the electricity grid in Namibia and to be honest, we prefer it that way. As soon as the area joins the electricity grid, the Himba will be westernized within a matter of years. It is not that we don’t want the people to develop, it is that so much of the Himba culture will be lost with the transition. A debate worth publishing I’m sure.

However, Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsites have solar power. Continuously adding panels to accommodate the growing needs of our guests, we can assure you that you will be able to recharge your phone and camera while staying with us.

What about Wi-Fi?

Many people seem to forget that they are traveling in a third world country when it comes to Wi-Fi. We do have Wi-Fi, but it is not something that we advertise. The service providers in Namibia is incredibly unreliable and so we have had several complaints on Trip Advisor that we advertise our Wi-Fi but we don’t have. Ladies and Gents – you are in Namibia to experience the country. Not to stay connected with your friends back home – you can do that when you are back in your country. Secondly, you are in a third world country where everything, and I mean everything, comes down to the service provider. We poor souls on the ground can do nothing when the Wi-Fi is down; for three days in a row.

So yes, when you happen to find Wi-Fi, thank your lucky stars that something is working!