Epupa Falls Lodge

The Road to Paradise

Crawling along dusty roads through dry riverbeds, dodging a goat or cow, the route reminds one of a scene from Dirty Harry. Except that here you find the Himba and that your destination is so much more scenic than any town in a Western-movie. The last 40 kilometers is dotted with rock marvels, stunning Baobabs and then finally… a green oasis of Makalani Palms hiding the very essence of this place, Epupa Falls.

Right here, on the edge of this small desert wonder, is the very heart of Epupa, Epupa Falls Lodge. It has been here forever, since before the arrival of tour buses and self-drive adventurers from every nation across the globe. Back in the day, it was only a campsite with a fantastic view, now it is both lodge and campsite at one of the most marvelous places in Namibia.

The Cunene region is already a very popular destination for cultural enthusiasts that want to meet the Ovahimba up close and personal. Add to this the mighty Cunene and it’s even more spectacular falls, and we have a top destination. We now have added a new dimension to our top destination – Epupa Falls Lodge.

The Chalets

From any of the 5 chalets you have a breath-taking view right onto the falls. The limited number of chalets ensures that you receive personal attention and are treated as a special guest. Not only are the chalets built from mostly local materials, they are also built on stilts which ensures better views on the falls and better birding.

Epupa Falls Lodge Chalet interior

The Deck and Restaurant

When you finally get tired of the view, why not join us on the deck for a drink from our very popular bar or even sample a snack from Christa’s kitchen? While enjoying an ice cold beer, you can tap into the knowledge of Koos Verwey who has been here for no less than 24 years. He has a solid reputation with his dedication and loyalty to the local people.

Koos’s intimate experience in this area will ensure that your activities are extraordinary; whether you go on an excursion to the local people, go for a hike, or a day journey through the area.

Combine all this and flavour it with delicious local meals, and you have the recipe for a well-deserved break at EPUPA FALLS LODGE.

The Best Pool in Namibia

Yes, Epupa Falls Lodge now has a swimming pool and pool bar – with a view on the river! How good can it get? You will need to tell us, because we believe it is the best in the house!

Are you on your way yet?

Our prices are very competitive and certainly well worth the money you will spend, considering the facilities on offer and the picture perfect location.

Finally, Epupa Falls Lodge can be reached by any type of car during the dry season, and the closest airstrip is 7 km away. A 4×4 is recommended during the wet season.

Where exactly is Epupa Falls Lodge?

Epupa is the furthest point north in Namibia at GPS -17°00’0.00″ S 13°14’60.00″ E and Epupa Falls Lodge is located literally above the falls. In fact, it is so close that if you sit on our deck, the falls will more often than not spray you as it thunders down its 30m fall.

Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsite is located in the Kunene Region, consisting of Kaokoland and the northern section of Damaraland, that lies north of the Ugab River. The main centres in this region, Opuwo, Khorixas, Kamanjab and Ruacana, are linked with well-maintained tarred roads and gravel roads.

The northern Kunene Region is home to the Himba people, a nomadic tribe of Herero origin that still lives and dresses (mostly) according to ancient customs and traditions. This is one of Namibia’s last remaining wilderness areas, with off-the-beaten track destinations such as the expansive Marienfluss and Hartmann valleys, the splendid Epupa Waterfalls, the wild and beautiful Khowarib Schlucht and Wibooisdrift, site of a Dorslandtrekker monument. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are necessary for exploring this remote north-western part of the country.

Epupa Falls cunene River Namibia

The Epupa Falls

With its scenically beautiful surroundings, Epupa is one of Namibia’s prime tourist destinations. The Epupa waterfalls are a series of cascades where the Kunene River drops a total of 60m over a distance of about 1.5 km, dividing into a multitude of channels and forming a myriad of rock pools.

With its richly-colored rock walls, variety of trees including wild fig, baobabs and waving makalani palms, spectacular sunsets and perennially flowing waters, the Epupa area offers much to see, do and experience. Bird watching is rewarding, especially for the rare rufous-tailed palm thrush, as well as bee-eaters, the African fish eagle, kingfishers ranging from giant to the tiny malachite kingfisher, rosy-faced lovebirds, paradise flycatchers, louries, bulbuls, horn bills and rollers. Scattered settlements of Himba are another interesting feature of the area.