Location of Epupa Waterfalls


Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsite is located in the Kunene Region, consisting of Kaokoland and the northern section of Damaraland, that lies north of the Ugab River. The main centres in this region, Opuwo, Khorixas, Kamanjab and Ruacana, are linked with well-maintained tarred roads and gravel roads.

The northern Kunene Region is home to the Himba people, a nomadic tribe of Herero origin that still lives and dresses (mostly) according to ancient customs and traditions. This is one of Namibia’s last remaining wilderness areas, with off-the-beaten track destinations such as the expansive Marienfluss and Hartmann valleys, the splendid Epupa Waterfalls, the wild and beautiful Khowarib Schlucht and Wibooisdrift, site of a Dorslandtrekker monument. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are necessary for exploring this remote north-western part of the country.

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Epupa Waterfalls

With its scenically beautiful surroundings, Epupa is one of Namibia’s prime tourist destinations. The Epupa waterfalls are a series of cascades where the Kunene River drops a total of 60m over a distance of about 1.5 km, dividing into a multitude of channels and forming a myriad of rock pools.

With its richly-colored rock walls, variety of trees including wild fig, baobabs and waving makalani palms, spectacular sunsets and perennially flowing waters, the Epupa area offers much to see, do and experience. Bird watching is rewarding, especially for the rare rufous-tailed palm thrush, as well as bee-eaters, the African fish eagle, kingfishers ranging from giant to the tiny malachite kingfisher, rosy-faced lovebirds, paradise flycatchers, louries, bulbuls, horn bills and rollers. Scattered settlements of Himba are another interesting feature of the area.

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