The Epupa Falls Lodge Team

Flora - Chalet Supervisor

Flora – Chalet Supervisor

Flora is an Angolan but also speaks Himba.

She often translates for Koos and when time allows, she assists in the kitchen.

Flora has worked at at Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsite since 2005

Christa - Master Chef

Christa – Master Chef

Christa is the master chef in Christa’s Kitchen.

She is a Herero from Okarara and if you ask her nicely, she’ll even dress up!

Christa started to work here back in 1991! She is family!

Zelma - Bar Lady

              Zelma – Bar Lady

Zelma is Owambo and started with us in 2012.

          Zelma controls the bar and is your first stop on the deck.

Diana - Chalet & Kitchen Assistant          Diana – Chalet & Kitchen Assistant

 Diana is a Zemba from the Marienfluss.

She was born and raised in Koos’s presence.

She started to work for Koos at Epupa in 2011. She is also family.


Juanine – Leader of the Epupa Falls Lodge Team

Juanine is from the Carocca region in Angola.

Koos met her in 1999 along the Cunene in Otomongo.

She is the cog in the wheel that keeps Epupa Falls Lodge spinning.

She is also Koos’s PA and do most of his translating.

Koos PortraitKoos – Owner

Koos has been in Kaokoland for twenty-five years in 2014.

He is so much part of the area, he has become a legend.

He is one of the few lodge owners in Namibia that lives at, and runs his own lodge.

Office Mascot

Office Mascots





Dipstick, Penguin & Rufous – The Booking Office Mascots

The Booking office is situated in Otjiwarongo in central Namibia.

Run by the cat, protected by the dogs and assisted by Mariette du Toit.

They all love to travel, in fact, Dipstick ended here by travelling in the wrong car.

All lodge inquiries, marketing related questions and blogging happens right here.