Activities at Epupa Falls Lodge

Whether you came to Epupa Falls Lodge to relax, learn about the Himba or to do some serious bird watching, you will find the perfect activity from the range of activities at Epupa Falls Lodge.

Himba Village Tour: N$ 750.00 pp.

Epupa Falls Lodge pridEFL Himba Village Toures itself that it is the only lodge in the area that offers the local Himba guides to take out clients without employing them. This means, the guide is able to make a living for himself and what the guest pays is what the guide receives.

The Himba guides will take the guests into the Epupa valley where they visit a Himba village that is still active and lived in. (Sometimes, guests will need to drive a bit further afield to find Himba villages as the Himba in the area are still nomadic. Visitors can expect to see the daily life of the Himba here as this is a normal working kraal.

Please note that photographers who wish to spend time with the Himba need to inquire about special rates. This tour is not for photographers.


EFL Sundown Activity (Janine)

Sundown Drives: N$ 350.00 pp. (Snacks and drinks included)

A drive up the hill overlooking Epupa Falls by Koos. Again, this needs to be pre-booked. Visitors will not only have the most beautiful views but also Koos’s incredible knowledge. Worth every penny and a must do if time allows.

The sundown activity can also be done with a local guide taking you to the viewpoint via a scenic walk. This can be booked in camp.

Day Drives: N$ 2000 pp.

Take a scenic drive with Koos through the Zebra Mountains and visit a Himba village along the way with optional hiking for the more active. Anyone with an interest in the local trees or birds should consider this activity. Excursion includes lunch.

EFL Guided Walks

Other activities (Rates on request):

  • Hiking trails by local guides, rates depend on length of trail and number of people
  • Nature drives combined with hiking
  • Bird watching by local guides


Although we do not offer fishing as an activity, if you rock up with your gear, we’ll advise on the best fishing spots and help as much as we can!

Please Note!!!  Professional photographers or people who wish to spend the whole day with the Himba with the sole purpose of photographing them or learning about their lifestyles need to contact us directly for more information. The above rates do not apply for this. For more information:

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