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Fishing for the Slender Stonebasher

Slender Stonebasher – Hippoptaymyrus ansorgii

Though you probably won’t drive all the way up to Epupa Falls to fish for this little specimen, nobody has ever said ‘no’ to a new specimen on their list. Fishing on the Cunene can be challenging at the best of times, but there are few things as satisfactory as catching a much wanted or new fish.

The Slender Stonebasher is smaller than the Bulldog (the fish, not the dog) and measures between 15 – 30 cm. It can be either dark brown or black.
It is found in rocky habits of flowing water and feeds on small aquatic invertebrates.
Found in the Cunene, upper Zambezi, Okavango, Buzi and Pungwe rivers.

Though we do not offer fishing as an activity here at Epupa Falls Lodge, we will make sure you receive the best local advice and we might even assist with locating the best possible spot to fish from.

Source: The Wildlife of Southern Africa, 1997

Fishing for the Slender Stonebasher
The Slender Stonebasher