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Kaokoland Trees: Namib Desert

Namib Desert:

The Namib Desert is situated below the escarpment and the coast. The highest plant diversity is found in the east due to precipitation rapidly decreasing from east to west. The eastern parts boast many of the Escarpment Zone species, especially on inselbergs and outcrops. However, unique to this area, are the welwitschia Welwitschia mirabilis, nara Acanthosicyos horridus, Damara euphorbia Euphorbia damarana and the Namib aloe Aloe namibensis. Closer to the coast the desert is almost or completely devoid of vegetation.

Acanthosicyos horridus Acanthosicyos horridus_1 Welwitschia Mirabilis Welwitschia Mirabilis_1

Information provided by Wessel Swanepoel.