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Our Himba

Our Himba by Annemarie Coetzee

Every now and again a client comes along with a special or keen interest to photograph our nomadic Himba people. This can be a relatively easy task if you are happy to photograph the Himba in Swakopmund, or the Himba group that quickly dress as Himba when the tourists come… but this is not what we offer. We take our guests out to one of the only remaining ‘kraals’ in the area where they spend time learning about the Himba and also about the Alzheimer’s Dementia Project that we support. If we have guests that want to spend several days with the Himba, then we take them into the valley where the Himba still live as Himba with little or no western influences.

Below are some great photos taken by one of our guests in 2014. If you are interested in visiting us or learning about the Himba, please feel free to contact us.Himba