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Nelis Womarans

Photo: Nelis Womarans

Uniforms for the Trackers 

Source: Save the Rhino Trust (Facebook)

What started off as a mere conversation between a long-standing, continuous supporter and donor of Save the Rhino Trust, Jockel Gruttemeyer of Namibia Tracks and Trails and our CEO, Simson turned out to be a major sponsorship!

Simson expressed our current need of combat uniforms for our field trackers to Jockel with the latter wasting no time in making contact with his affiliates in Germany namely Abendsonne Afrika who immediately shown keen interest in sponsoring the combat uniform. Within a month after they confirmed their interest Abendsonne Africa geared our field trackers in full combat uniform.

We would like to thank Jockel Gruttemeyer – Namibia Tracks and Trails and Abendsonne Afrika for coming to the rescue of our field trackers who are working tirelessly day and night in protecting our desert-adapted black rhino.

The basis of our optimism for the future is the integrity, loyalty, dedication and trust of our field staff. The shift of focus from rhino monitoring to people monitoring over the past months has affected our field trackers tremendously, pushing their endurance levels to the max, YET, they stuck with the team with a level of resilience that is absolutely ADMIRABLE.

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