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Kaokoland Safari | Marienfluss

Every now and then Koos, the owner of Epupa Falls Lodge, is talked into doing a safari. Whether it is a hiking safari or a driving safari, someone turns his pinky far enough to convince him this is the year! In 2011 a group of friends (multiple-return-friends) convinced him to take them into Kaokoland. After… Read More Kaokoland Safari | Marienfluss

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Kaokoland | Bocian Safaris

So you want to see all of Namibia – or most of it anyway – in just 15 days. Then Bocian Safaris has the tour for you; Othithiya Namibia. But don’t let the name scare you. This is an excellent route for the traveler who wants to see as much as he can while in… Read More Kaokoland | Bocian Safaris