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Every now and then Koos, the owner of Epupa Falls Lodge, is talked into doing a safari. Whether it is a hiking safari or a driving safari, someone turns his pinky far enough to convince him this is the year!

In 2011 a group of friends (multiple-return-friends) convinced him to take them into Kaokoland. After many mails and phone calls, a tour was planned and they arrived by plane at Epupa.

Over the next couple of days I will share the photos of one of the travelers with you as they drove through Kaokoland on tour with Koos.

Enjoy! And you thought it is only rocks, plants and the odd bug… Well, think again!

Photos | Dieter – Epupa Falls Lodge

Tour Operator | Kaoko Himba Safaris


Kaokoland | Bocian Safaris

So you want to see all of Namibia – or most of it anyway – in just 15 days. Then Bocian Safaris has the tour for you; Othithiya Namibia. But don’t let the name scare you. This is an excellent route for the traveler who wants to see as much as he can while in Namibia.

Bocian Safaris is a Polish Tour Operator situated in Walvis Bay. Catering for the Polish, Bocian Safaris has opened Namibia up to a country who would not otherwise have traveled here.

So why not ditch the cold Polish weather and join us for a cold beer on a hot winter’s afternoon on our very popular deck for a very different “wildlife” experience.


Damaraland | Damarana Safaris

So the far west of Namibia (Kaokoland) isn’t quite your dream, but desert elephants, a bit of culture and a waterfall is more than an appetizing menu to you… then this is for you.

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Damarana, a French Travel Agency in Namibia, offers a tour that will not only take you to the main destinations in Namibia, but also the far flung, the beautiful and the wild.

Visit their website for a look into this specific tour: Grandiose-namibie

Rhino News – Small Breakthrough

Chinese man admits smuggling rhino horns

By Werner Menges – The Namibian

ONE of the Chinese men accused of trying to smuggle 14 rhino horns out of Namibia in March last year admitted yesterday that he knew he was carrying controlled wildlife products in two suitcases which he was planning to take to China.

The admission by Li Zhibing that he was aware of the contents of the suitcases in which police officers discovered 14 rhino horns and a leopard skin at Hosea Kutako International Airport on 24 March last year is contained in a plea explanation that was handed to Magistrate Alexis Diergaardt at the start of the trial of Li and three fellow Chinese citizens.

With his co-accused denying guilt on all charges, Li told the magistrate through a Mandarin interpreter that he wanted to plead guilty to two counts of unlawful export of controlled wildlife products. State advocate Simba Nduna, who is conducting the prosecution of the four accused men, did not accept the plea offered by Li, though, with the result that Li and his co-accused will have to see through their trial together.

Li (54), Li Xiaoliang (31), Pu Xuenin (49), and Wang Hui (40) are charged with two main counts of unlawful export of controlled wildlife products, alternatively unlawful dealing in or possession of controlled wildlife products, and a third main charge of acquiring the proceeds of unlawful activities, alternatively possessing or bringing into or taking out of Namibia the proceeds of unlawful activities.

– See more at: The Namibian


Kaokoland Trees: East

We can continue to look at the plants & trees found in Kaokoland. Our focus today will be the East of Kaokoland:

Vegetation in the eastern, mainly flat part of Kaokoland, consists of Mopane and Mopane-CommiphoraAcacia savannah and woodland on red Kalahari sand.

The dominant tree here is the mopane Mopane colophospermum. Other trees include velvet corkwood Commiphora mollis, sand corkwood C. angolensis, blue-leaved corkwood C. glandulosa, hairy corkwood C. africana , sand-veld acacia  Acacia fleckii, floodplain acacia A. kirkii, kudu-bush Combretum apiculatum, leadwood C. imberbe, mouse-eared combretum C. hereoense, purple-pod terminalia Terminalia prunioides, Herero sesame-bush Sesamothamnus guerichii, Kalahari apple-leaf Philenoptera nelsii, shepherd’s tree Boscia albitrunca and smelly shepherd’s bush Boscia foetida.  Common shrubs are trumpet-thorn Catophractes alexandri, sickle-bush Dichrostachys cinerea, velvet raisin bush Grewia flava and in the northeast, white bauhinia Bauhinia petersiana.

Mopane Woodland - Copyright Wessel Swannepoel

Mopane Woodland – Copyright Wessel Swannepoel