The Best Holiday Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

  The Best Holiday Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts Written by Neil Stawski, If you drew your brother’s name for a gift this year, you already know he would rather be camping in the dead of winter than joining you and your husband at a five-star restaurant for a gourmet meal.  While you may not… Read More The Best Holiday Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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What activities can I do in Epupa?

What exactly can I do in Epupa? The are is, firstly, famous for the Epupa Waterfalls. This makes it a superb location for photographers and hikers. To the latter, the area is a world of discovery. Since the Himba still mostly travel by foot, there are more paths and trails to hike than can be… Read More What activities can I do in Epupa?

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Self-Drive or Public Transport?

I often get asked the question; can you arrange for public transport? The answer is a resounding ‘No’. But why? It is a known fact that Namibia has the unsafest roads in the world – per capita that is. Most of these accidents involve Namibia’s biggest source of public transport – Taxis. These are not… Read More Self-Drive or Public Transport?

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Accommodation en-route to Epupa

Are there any accommodation available en-route to Epupa from Opuwo? This is a question I get asked very often. And the answer will have to be no. Most of our clients do not overnight in Opuwo, but drive straight through from wherever they are coming and stay 2/3 nights at Epupa Falls Lodge. However, from… Read More Accommodation en-route to Epupa