The Best Holiday Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts


The Best Holiday Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Written by Neil Stawski,

If you drew your brother’s name for a gift this year, you already know he would rather be camping in the dead of winter than joining you and your husband at a five-star restaurant for a gourmet meal.  While you may not fully understand his deep affection for the outdoors, you can still find great gifts for him this holiday season.  And if he likes to take his dog along, your list will need to include a few items for his beloved pet.

Gifts for Hikers and Campers

For the outdoorsy types who also love unique adventures, The Sierra Club  recommends tree tents. Designed to be suspended over the ground, these portable shelters offer protection from snakes and bugs and can save campers from sleeping on the wet, bumpy ground. For those brave enough to camp in the winter, the site also touts heated snow gloves.

Think about a gift like portable campfire logs that burn from the inside out for up to 90 minutes of compact fire.  Your brother will love these logs for cooking hotdogs and hamburgers.  Also, don’t forget about water bottles, cookware and utensils. features gadgets that will impress even the most discerning tech-savvy outdoorsy type such as the Buckshot Pro. This waterproof device is about the size of a can of Red Bull and includes a flashlight, power bank and wireless speaker.  If you’d rather get back to basics for stocking stuffers, you can’t go wrong with a Swiss army knife, bug spray, a compass and a tin coffee cup.  If you want to go bigger and still stick with traditional gifts, hiking boots and sleeping bags are on every camper’s list of “must haves.”

If you’re still not sure which way to travel on this one, you can purchase a National Park Service Lands Pass for $80.  The NPS pass covers entrance and day use fees to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites including national parks, wildlife refuges, national forests and grasslands.

Camping, Hiking and Dog Safety

Fearless adventurers who bring along their dog will appreciate a first aid kit for pets. also recommends throwing in a Field Guide for Dog First Aid along with a K-9 Float Coat.  In addition, you may want to consider a clip-on safety light.

Gifts for Nature Lovers

If the person on your list enjoys nature and loves watching birds and wildlife rather than communing with them, offers up gift ideas such as Mason Bee Houses, binoculars, wildlife cameras and even a necklace garden.  You may also consider a nice coffee table book or an eco-friendly terrarium.

Gifts that Last

Whether warming his hands over a fire on a chilly mountaintop or hiking in the middle of the hot desert, your brother will like his backpack, water bottle or Buckshot Pro.  If you want to go all out and buy the tree tent, he’s sure to enjoy a restful night.  With so many ideas to choose from, you’ll find the perfect gift, and he’ll love whatever you pick, mostly because it will be from you.

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