Do you have electricity?
Epupa has not moved into the 21st Century. Epupa Falls Lodge functions on solar power. So if you ask very nicely, we’ll charge your phone and camera batteries for you.

Can our family of 4 stay in one chalet?
Each chalet has 2 single beds which we push together to make one double. If you have a toddler, we can add a stretcher. A fourth person/child is not possible and we will need to book 2 chalets. Children’s rates only apply to a child of 12years and younger.

Do you sell wood?
Unfortunately not, but the Himba do. I don’t know how much they ask – you have to bargain for a reasonable price.

Do you sell fuel?
No, but if you arrange this long before your date of travel or you are in dire need for some odd reason – then we might be able to help.

Are the rooms equipped with a kitchen?
Our chalets are not equipped for self-catering.

What do the campsites look like?
They are mostly shaded under big palm trees. Each campsite has a braai or barbeque area and a wash basin with running water. There are 2 main ablution facilities with plenty of showers and hot water.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, dogs are welcome – free of charge. If your dog loves water it is probably better to leave Bruno at home as we can tell you numerous stories about dogs and crocodiles and how it did not end well – mostly for the dogs.

What about mosquitoes and malaria?
Lots of mossies around and yes, malaria is common in our neck of the woods. Common sense prevails though. Replace your make-up with bug repellent and wear your long sleeves at night and you’ll be fine. You must speak to your doctor about the type of malaria prophylaxis which is best for you, but we certainly do not recommend Larium (also known as mefloquine).