The Long Road from Opuwo

Epupa is about 180 km or a solid three-hour drive from Opuwo on a mostly scenic C43road. The temperament of the road forces one to drive slow through dry river beds and challenging goat and cattle herds. (And don’t forget the hiking Himba). After 100 km you reach Okongwati – just stay on the main gravel road as you navigate through this small village. 76km Down the road you will arrive in Epupa. We are the first lodge on your left as you come down the mountain into the village of Epupa.

The Even Longer Road from Ruacana

For the budget traveller in a sedan car we advise to return on the C35 & C41 to Opuwo. From here it is the same as above.
For the adventurer – take the D3700 from Ruacana to Swarbooisdrift and then the D3701 to Epembe. Once you hit the C43, head north to Epupa. Because you have chosen to be an adventurer – please do not expect the road to be in a wonderful condition. It is not.

Please note: We know that the D3700 goes all the way to Epupa. But as it does not quite meet our requirements, we will not call this a road and therefore ask you to stay on the above mentioned routes unless you have a desperate need to claim a new vehicle from your insurance. On that note – if you need a reason to divorce, pack your wife and drive this road.