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The Week in Namibian News (1)

Disclaimer: This is just a personal selection of bits and bobs in the News that ticked me enough to actually read the article.

Environmental News:

2015 Winter Bird Count

Smaller numbers, but still impressive The 2015 Winter Bird Count, which took place in the Walvis Bay Ramsar site this past Saturday and Sunday, organised by the Coastal Environmental Trust of Namibia (CETN) for the 32nd year, once again confirmed the beauty and diversity of the birdlife at the coast.

The bi-annual bird count was again successfully and professionally led and organised by Mr Peter Bridgeford of CETN and he expressed his gratitude for those who supported the winter count here in Walvis Bay, some of them from as far as Windhoek.

Participants from the Henties Bay campus of the University of N a m i b i a , N a m i b High School, Voortrekkers and Dolphin Project were also there to assist. Mr Bridgeford said that there were not many birds this winter, but the numbers were fortunately not the lowest number counted over the past 32 years. A total of 56 448 birds were counted in the lagoon and salt works and 7 606 at the sewage ponds.

  • Namib Times, Photo by Bernabe Blaauw

The Private Sector takes up Arms to Save the Rhino

The private conservation group COVER (Conserving our Valuable Rhino and Elephant) has hosted a meeting with French and South African military experts who are in the country to train volunteers to patrol private land.
A high-level covert meeting on rhino poaching was held yesterday morning, apparently in the boardroom of Paragon Holdings in the capital. Read more.

  • Namibian Sun, ELLANIE SMIT & YANNA SMITHRhino

And on a very high note, The Vanishing Kings are going from strength to strength. If you have not seen the trailer, CLICK HERE.Desert Lion Cap

Some of the most beautiful photos of Namibia was shared this week by Africa Geographic. You can visit the Gallery Here.

Environmental/Political News

Prince Harry made some news this week (Just the fact that he is in Namibia is already pretty newsworthy!)

Shifeta has no beef with Harry

The Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, says the international media have taken his comments about Prince Harry’s visit to Namibia out of context and blown them out of proportion.
Reports in the British media had it that Prince Harry came under fire in Namibia for his ‘private visit’ to help with rhino and elephant conservation.
Shifeta yesterday said the reports are devoid of any truth and should be retracted as they are harmful to the country’s image.
According to Shifeta, he had repeatedly welcomed Prince Harry’s conservation efforts in the country. Read More.

  • Namibian Sun, Ellanie SmitPrince Harry

Thirsty Kunene faces bleak future

OTUANI – If government does not intervene fast enough, hundreds of livestock might die because of the severity of the drought currently being experienced in the Kunene region.
Without urgent assistance, the drought would leave many livestock farmers without an income and as a result push their families into poverty because livestock farming is the backbone of the OvaHimba community in this vast and remote area… Read more:


And in the Sport

Rugby: Namibia vs Russia

On Saturday, 18th July 2015, the Namibian Rugby Team did not only make history, they also made a nation incredibly proud by winning the second friendly against Russia with 45 -5

namibia vs russia

Cricket: Namibia lose to Netherlands

Namibia’s hopes of qualifying for the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 in India were dashed after losing to the Netherlands by 4 wickets a while ago

  • Namibian Sunnamibia vs netherlands