What activities can I do in Epupa?

What exactly can I do in Epupa?

The are is, firstly, famous for the Epupa Waterfalls. This makes it a superb location for photographers and hikers. To the latter, the area is a world of discovery. Since the Himba still mostly travel by foot, there are more paths and trails to hike than can be put down on maps. It is also very safe as long as one stays away from the river.

As the Epupa area forms part of the greater Kaokoland, it is also well known for its Himba. So visiting the Himba is a natural choice for most guests.

Along with the hiking and photography, the area also boasts prolific bird life. A birder’s paradise to be honest with a few species endemic to the area to put the proverbial cherry on the cake.

Do you offer game drives?

As the area is very much used by the Himba for their cattle and goats, we sadly have very little game left in the area. So game drives are not really an option around here.

What about rafting?

Since Epupa Falls Lodge is literally on top of the falls, this is not something we offer. Another reason is that, due to the high risks involving rafting in a river littered with crocodiles, and virtually no proper medical facilities in an area of about 500km, we’d rather just enjoy the river from the safety of our deck.




Birding | Damara Hornbill

There are various species of hornbill across Namibia. Of these, the Yellow-billed is probably the best known. However, they are all very amicable birds and a true pleasure to observe.

Not directly found at the falls, one has to do a bit of hiking to find these noisy African birds as they prefer the Mopane Bush Veld.

Photos by Dieter – Epupa Falls Lodge

Birding | African Mourning Dove

This is one of my favourite sounds to wake up to at Epupa. Yes, the Fish Eagle is the cherry on the cake, but much closer to home is the Mourning Dove. These guys live up in the palm trees and you can very often hear them, but not always see them. Dieter was fortunate to capture this gentle creature while pursuing his lady.

Birding | Common Waxbill

Have you noticed how NOT-Flattering bird names are? I mean – let’s look at today’s little waxbill – The Common Waxbill. How can you name, like officially name, something common? That’s not very nice. Or the Thick-Knee… You wouldn’t call your mother-in-law that, but a poor innocent bird! But I will give the bird namers this – at least they make me laugh… I mean, who cannot laugh when reading these names?