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Kaokoland Safari | Marienfluss

Every now and then Koos, the owner of Epupa Falls Lodge, is talked into doing a safari. Whether it is a hiking safari or a driving safari, someone turns his pinky far enough to convince him this is the year! In 2011 a group of friends (multiple-return-friends) convinced him to take them into Kaokoland. After… Read More Kaokoland Safari | Marienfluss

Epupa Falls, Kaokoland Flora, Namibia

Botany | Makalani Palms

Wikipidia reports the following: The Real fan palm (Hyphaene petersiana), locally known as the Makalani palm, is a palm tree native to the subtropical, low-lying regions of south central Africa. Its habitat is open woodland, flood plains, banks of rivers and the fringes of pans and swamps. It is found in Burundi, Rwanda, the Democratic… Read More Botany | Makalani Palms

Kaokoland, Kaokoland Flora, Namibia

Botany | Baobab

Did you know that the study of trees is called dendrology? Wikipedia has the following to say about the Baobab: Adansonia digitata (baobab) is the most widespread of the Adansonia species, and is native to the African continent. The long-lived pachycauls are typically found in dry, hot savannahs of sub-Saharan Africa, where they dominate the… Read More Botany | Baobab