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Damaraland | Damarana Safaris

So the far west of Namibia (Kaokoland) isn’t quite your dream, but desert elephants, a bit of culture and a waterfall is more than an appetizing menu to you… then this is for you. ©Epupa Falls Lodge ©Black Bean Productions ©Chris Martin Damarana, a French Travel Agency in Namibia, offers a tour that will not… Read More Damaraland | Damarana Safaris

Epupa Falls, Epupa Falls Lodge, Namibia, Travelling

Epupa Falls Lodge Special

Have you booked your space? It’s a fairly simple question and yet, more and more people can only answer this question a week in advance. The more daring (or crazy) traveler only a day in advance! Yes, you know what I’m talking about – last minute bookings! They drive me insane and yet, secretly, I’m… Read More Epupa Falls Lodge Special

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Kaokoland Trees: Escarpment Zone

Escarpment Zone: The mountains in western Kaokoland form part of the Great Western Escarpment of southern Africa and consists of the flat-topped Etendeka Mountains in the south, the Hartmann Mountains in the vicinity of Orupembe and northwards to the Kunene River and the Otjihipa Mountains on the eastern edge of the Marienfluss. Being on the… Read More Kaokoland Trees: Escarpment Zone

Epupa Falls, Epupa Falls Lodge, Kaokoland, Kaokoland Flora, Namibia, Travelling

Kaokoland Trees: Kunene River

Kunene River: The Kunene river is on the border with Angola, forms the northern boundary of Kaokoland and is also the only perennial river in the northwest of Namibia. The riparian vegetation and abundance of water provide a real linear oasis through an otherwise arid and harsh landscape. Trees and shrubs typical of the Kunene River… Read More Kaokoland Trees: Kunene River

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Fishing for the Slender Stonebasher

Slender Stonebasher – Hippoptaymyrus ansorgii Though you probably won’t drive all the way up to Epupa Falls to fish for this little specimen, nobody has ever said ‘no’ to a new specimen on their list. Fishing on the Cunene can be challenging at the best of times, but there are few things as satisfactory as… Read More Fishing for the Slender Stonebasher