Epupa Falls, Epupa Falls Lodge, Kaokoland, Namibia

Tribute to the Welsh Lady

Tribute to Pam Morgan – Kapika Waterfall Lodge

Pam, when you arrived here in January 2010, I did not think in my wildest dreams that you would make it to April 2013. It is not only me that was surprised. Even more had to admit faulty judgements. We all thought that this is no place for an elderly lady. But with typical Welsh spirit and determination, you dug in and became part of Epupa.

Kapika Waterfall Lodge was not in a good condition when you arrived, but you changed it. Today it is one of the best known lodges in the area. You work harder than any other elderly lady I know, but you also party harder than most people I know. We had some great parties together with good old Elvis. Your love for rugby is contagious and we watched many games together. I recall a lot of quiet mornings here at Epupa when we would watch a game, eating your sandwiches and drinking coffee. Our teams did not always win, but when they did – the Epupa valley knew about it.

But by being here, you didn’t just change the lodge. You also got to know the people you worked with. Your voice became heard in the valley. Not always to everyone’s liking, but for the greater good.

To achieve all you have achieved, took a lot of guts but also discipline, loyalty, perspective and a load of faith.
Pam, I thank you for your friendship and for the love that you shared with the area and its people.

Pam with Kapika Staff
Pam with the staff of Kapika Falls Lodge

May the memories of this majestic waterfall always be with you.

Your Epupa friends


Schnapps the Jack Russel and Teddy – Schnapps has moved in with the new lodge managers while Teddy disappeared without a trace a day before Sam had to leave. Premonition? We’d like to think so!

Editor’s Note: Foreign Nationals find it increasingly difficult to renew their working permits in Namibia. Unfortunately Pam also had to leave on very short notice.