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What activities can I do in Epupa?

What exactly can I do in Epupa? The are is, firstly, famous for the Epupa Waterfalls. This makes it a superb location for photographers and hikers. To the latter, the area is a world of discovery. Since the Himba still mostly travel by foot, there are more paths and trails to hike than can be… Read More What activities can I do in Epupa?

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Epupa Falls | Afro Zapping

The name alone wants me to book with Afro Zapping – what a cool name?! Afro Zapping is an Italian operator owned by two ladies, situated in Windhoek. Although they specifically cater for the Italian market, their website is also available in English. So when planning your trip to Epupa, don’t forget about these girls… Read More Epupa Falls | Afro Zapping

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Damaraland | Damarana Safaris

So the far west of Namibia (Kaokoland) isn’t quite your dream, but desert elephants, a bit of culture and a waterfall is more than an appetizing menu to you… then this is for you. ©Epupa Falls Lodge ©Black Bean Productions ©Chris Martin Damarana, a French Travel Agency in Namibia, offers a tour that will not… Read More Damaraland | Damarana Safaris