Epupa Falls Lodge

epupa Falls Lodge

Proudly Namibian Accomodation since 1994


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Epupa falls Lodge - A Small Beginning

Epupa Falls Lodge is a privately owned lodge in remote northwest Namibia, offering an authentic wilderness experience and the ultimate off-the-beaten-track experience.

As the oldest accommodation in Epupa, Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsite is first and foremost an ambitious conservation project. 

With accommodation for a maximum of 24 guests and +/- 40 campers, Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsite has the lowest ratio of staff to guests. This low footprint affirms our sustainable model of ecotourism. 

Not just another Lodge

Passion & Expertise

Privately owned and run for 35 years by Koos Verwey.

90% Local Materials

Built from Makalani Palms and the rocks from the area, Epupa Falls Lodge blends in perfectly with its surroundings.


On the forefront of conservation, Epupa Falls Lodge not only preserves the Himba culture, but also aims to protect the Kunene riparian vegetation.


Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsite fully embraces the Himba culture and you can learn about the culture from the moment you enter camp.


A Cultural Experience

Your Namibian experience begins here overlooking the iconic Epupa Falls of north-western Namibia. Whether you choose one of our five river view chalets, a pocket-friendly ground chalet or a campsite – eco-friendly accommodation and generous Namibian hospitality set the scene for an enriched private cultural experience. With one of the lowest guest footprints in Namibia, Epupa Falls Lodge offers space to breathe and reconnect with nature.

Epupa Falls Lodge HImba Experience
Epupa Falls Lodge Himba Experience


The afternoon heat still lingers as you walk into the Himba kraal. Only a few women are around, prepping for the night ahead, reminding you of the dinner and bath routine back home. Over the kraal wall, you notice movement. The first animals are returning from the mountains. Soon the whole kraal will be bustling with life. Goats need to be milked, food is prepared, children need to be fed…

It could be you, right here, experiencing the Himba life as it is. You can even choose, for the first time ever, whether you would like to only visit for a few hours, or if you would like to overnight at the kraal. 

What our guests say




“An oasis in the desert. Friendly staff, and the most amazing food!! Not to mention the best views in the cabins.”

– Hashanta

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