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The Importance of Conservancies and Booking Directly
The importance of conservancies

10 June 2023

The Importance of Conservancies and Booking Directly (locally)

An informative post this week to explain the benefits of booking directly with a Namibian lodge, or a Namibian-based agent or DMC as opposed to supporting an online booking agent like Trip Advisor or Booking Com.

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First, we’d like to tell you about conservancies.

Conservancies are community-based organisations that are established to manage and conserve natural resources, particularly wildlife and their habitats. They are typically established in rural areas, often in developing countries, where wildlife and natural resources are important to the local economy and way of life.

Conservancies are typically managed by local people, who work together to develop and implement conservation strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. These strategies may include measures to protect wildlife from poaching, to reduce human-wildlife conflict, and to promote sustainable land use practices.

Conservancies can provide a number of benefits to local communities, including economic benefits from tourism and other forms of natural resource use, increased food security through sustainable agricultural practices, and improved access to education, healthcare, and other services.

In addition to their local benefits, conservancies can also contribute to global conservation efforts by protecting biodiversity and ecosystems that are important to the health of the planet as a whole. Many conservation organizations and government agencies work in partnership with conservancies to support their efforts and promote sustainable development.

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Online Agents

Taking this into mind, we would like to explain how an online agency works.

Just like a normal ground agent in a country, the online agency receives a percentage commission on every booking that is made. But, unlike a ground agent based in Namibia, that percentage of money is never used towards conservation in Namibia.

Every reputable ground agent in Namibia supports one or more conservancies or aid in Namibia. If you book through the lodge directly, the percentage that would have gone to the online agency goes directly into the community or conservancy where it is based.

By booking directly or through a Namibian-based ground agent, you support conservancies in Kaokoland which can be a great way to contribute to conservation efforts in the region, while also supporting local communities and sustainable development.

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Kaokoland is a remote and sparsely populated region in northwestern Namibia, where many wildlife species and natural habitats are under threat from poaching, habitat loss, and other human activities. Conservancies in the region, such as the Marienfluss Conservancy, the Puros Conservancy, and the Epupa Conservancy, work to protect these resources and promote sustainable land use practices that benefit both people and wildlife.

Conservancies in Kaokoland typically work in partnership with local communities, providing employment opportunities, training, and other benefits. They also work to promote conservation education and awareness among local people, helping to build support for conservation efforts and reduce human-wildlife conflict.

By booking directly with the lodge, you support the conservancy in which it is based. By booking with a Namibian agent, you support a Namibian conservancy or aid of their choice.

By booking with an online agent, you support a private individual in an unknown country.

Please think twice!

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