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The Majestic Baobabs of the Epupa Falls

3 June 2023

The Baobabs of Epupa FALLS

One of the many reasons to visit Kaokoland and Epupa specifically is the incredible variety of trees and plants. Today, we’ll only look at one – the beautiful and well, strange Baobab.

The baobabs at Epupa are a unique natural attraction located in the far northwestern region of Namibia, (Kaokoland) in and around the town of Epupa. These baobabs are of the Adansonia digitata variety, commonly known as the African baobab and are widely spread throughout the continent. However, the ones in Epupa are particularly unique due to their size, age, and environment.

baobab on the way to epupa

The baobabs at Epupa are among the oldest and largest trees in Namibia, with some of them estimated to be over 1000 years old. They can grow up to 25 meters high and have a diameter of up to 20 meters. The trees’ trunks are thick and have a characteristic shape, which makes them easy to identify. One of the unique features of baobabs is that they can store thousands of liters of water in their trunks during the rainy season to help them survive the dry season.

At Epupa, the baobabs are located in an area with a stunning landscape of mountains, rocky outcrops, and the Kunene River that adds to their beauty. The trees in Epupa are known for their distinctive growth patterns, often

baobab above the epupa falls

There are a few activities that Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsites offer that will teach you more about the baobabs in our area.

You can take an early morning walk along the river to our favourite photo spots. This will take you right pass some of the amazing baobabs in the area and show case the falls with its guardian baobabs.

Or you can take a guided afternoon walk upstream along the riverbank and not only learn about the baobabs, but also about all the plants that you pass.

On both hikes, guests can spot baobabs and take photos with them. The area is rich in history, and local tribes still use the trees for medicinal and practical purposes.

Overall, the baobabs at Epupa are a unique and beautiful attraction in Kaokoland, Namibia, offering visitors an opportunity to witness the stunning and majestic beauty of these trees

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